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Due to Covid PPE costs our currents rates are:

Shop hourly rates:
Micah - $200 per hour
Michaela - $175 per hour

Shop minimum $100 (tattoos 30 minutes or less)

How to Book an Appointment

We recommend that you take the time to browse our Artist portfolios, in order to find which one of us you would like to work with.  Then you may email your artist, with your tattoo ideas and perhaps (if necessary) book a consultation to discuss your design. You will be required to leave the artist a deposit for your appointment that will be applied to your final tattoo price. We accept credit cards however cash is always preferred.


We require that you leave a deposit for any appointment, which holds your time slot and lets your artist know you are dedicated to following through with your tattoo.  This will allow them to begin to draw your design and set a date for the tattoo.  This amount is set by your artist and is between $40 and $100 depending on the size of the tattoo.  This amount will be applied to your final price of the piece at the end of your appointment.  Deposits are non-refundable. 48 hour advance notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment or deposit will be forfeit.

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